My name is Ulf NilssonI am 40 years old and live in Landskrona in the south of Sweden, with my wife and son.

I have 26 years experience in martial arts. The last decade I have dedicated myself mostly to Chinese and Southeast Asian arts. For many years I have instructedaswell as been an assistant instructor including assisting Mattias Persson at numerous camps both locally and internationally.

I tested several different styles in my younger yearsbut my main style then was Taekwondo, those days has no special influence on my current training / teaching todayI have trained a number of different styles over the years. But the styles that always fascinated me most, are the Chinese Martial Artsand especially the so-called "internal"such as TaijiquanXingyi, and above all BaguazhangNo schools were near me, so training in them was impossibleIt was not until around 2000 that I seriously began to explore themand I have never regretted my choice since. Today my main focus is still Chinese Martial Arts, but my interest has moved to styles as  KunTao (particulary as I learn it from Tom Sotis and Matt Persson), White Crane, Five Ancestors and other southern and internal arts.

My focus today in my OWN practice:
Ngo Cho Kun

I offer private lessons, at a place and time that suits both you and me. I believe that a private training session of one month's regular classes.
Plus a regular classes once a week, when the price is 1000 SEK / year.
Private lesson 200kr per session

Contact me for further information.