A special thank you, to the following people that have or are, an enormous inspiration on my life, training and teaching.

Mattias Persson whom I meet 2003, and my quest for self-defense rather than competition, finally found it´s home. The same year we started to train under Tom SOTIS which is undoubtedly one of the people that has inspired me the most. To Tom and Mattias, I will always feel the greatest gratitude and inspiration from, and will ever grateful for their their education and friendship.
Tom and Matt you´ll find at www.amokcombatives.com

In Recent years, Sifu Christer Wretfors from WBBM has been kind enough to share his YauKungMun etc. Which has increased my understanding of power generation and applications of "traditional" techniques tremendously. I continue my training under him as often as possible. Sifu Christer has like no one else really made me a thousand times better martial arts practitioner, but I have obviously a very long way to go. He has also taught me to understand meditation and its great advantage, as well as revive my love for internal arts. I recommend Sifu Christer strongly to anyone who is seriously interested in Chinese Martial Arts and want real qualitative progress, in both physical and mental exercises.
Sifu Christer you´ll find at http://internalkungfu.blogspot.com/


NO LIMIT KUNG FU is a small but hard hitting program, geared towards building energy in the body, power generation and providing a very effective personal defence system both for the street but also for creating a healthy and strong body through increased body awareness (structure, root, resistance). 

I use the word Kung Fu in its original meaning hard work + time=skill, even though, offcourse its meaning as Chinese Martial Arts is still suitable as the majority of what I teach has its origin in China.

The Program has it´s basis in my experiences from, and is a marriage between, KunTao, Bagua, Southern Kung Fu, a little Indonesian Silat as well as my experiences from Combatives and Self Defence training. This is how I train, and feel effective Martial Arts should be practiced however it is not by any means a complete system and should be viewed as an interesting complement to your existing training or for those just wanting a small hard-hitting program to practice.

This is the only program I will offer from now on (for awhile), those seeking real quality instruction in Kung Fu, KunTao, Silat etc. I highly Recommend Sifu Christer Wretfors at the http://internalkungfu.blogspot.com/ or Mattias Persson at Amokcombatives.com